Monday, April 2, 2012


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I really need to remind myself of this daily. It is so hard to not feel stressed about not getting everything done around the house with three kids that I was able to do with only two kids but I need to remember that my kids will only be kids for so long. What I am doing now will shape who they are as adults and will shape the kind of parents they will be (no pressure there, right?).

I need to stop losing my patience, stop yelling (boy, is that hard with a tantrum prone almost three year old drama queen daughter) and stop worrying about keeping up with the housework instead of spending more time with the kids (lets face it- I will never catch up on the housework, never ever).

So housework and laundry, you can kiss my butt. You're not dragging me down anymore, you and your dustballs and laundry piles snickering at me. I'll deal with you when I deal with you and if you don't like it you can go muck up someone else's house.

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