Friday, April 20, 2012

More Potty Talk...

Only women can change a diaper?
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I jumped back on the potty training bandwagon last week and it is going surprisingly well.

My daughter, whom I affectionately call Alli Poo Poo, is going to be three in June and up until recently I thought she would be wearing diapers when she graduates from high school (maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing as it would most likely keep boys far away from her). One day I said screw it, I'm going to stop being lazy and put some darn underwear on her- if she pees all over the floor then I'll just have to clean it up.

Well, she has been doing really well with only minimal floor peeing. We went to the zoo on Tuesday and she insisted on wearing underwear. I was very nervous about the situation but she did not have one accident; I do have to say though that waiting in line for the restroom with a four year old boy, a two year old girl and a baby is not exactly fun and getting everyone plus a stroller into a bathroom stall requires a certain finesse that I do not posses.

Pooping is not going so well, as in she just lets it rip in her underwear. The rule in this house is if the poop is super messy the underwear gets thrown away and if it's not then mommy will wash the underwear. Every time Alli poops the first thing she says to me is don't throw my underwear away to which I reply stop pooping in your underwear and you won't have to worry about them getting thrown away (yes this makes sense to us adults but to a two year old I may as well be speaking gibberish). I did make a new deal with her today because I'm sick of dealing with poopy underwear- I told her that if she tells me when she has to poop that I'll put a diaper on her to poop in. I figure maybe when she tells me she has to poop that I can try to convince her to go on the toilet with bribes of candy and toys and if not then at least she'll do it in a diaper that I don't have to clean.

The worst thing about potty training Alli is that I know I'll have to go through the whole shebang again with Jilly Billy. I'm hoping that since she's the third child she'll just teach herself but that's not how it really works, is it?

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