Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Exciting... A Price Book

Farmers Market South Kingstown RI
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I am extremely disorganized in my everyday life. I wasn't always like this, it justs seems with each kid that I birth I lose grasp on organization a little bit more.

This equates into me losing things, missing out on coupons/rebates and in general just spending more money. Due to the fact that I am transitioning over to buying higher quality meat and more natural foods my grocery bill has gone up. I need tp pull myself together to try a wrangle it to a more acceptable amount.

Things are easing up a bit at home because the baby is getting older and is starting to actually enjoy playing on the floor instead of having me hold her 24/7. At night she has been taking a nap from seven or eight to around ten so I actually have time to get things done and sit sans baby in my lap or attached to my boob.

I am going to begin to make more of an effort to plan my shopping trips and be more mindful of what I am buying. I also would like to eventually get back into the drugstore game when I feel that it won't take too much time from other aspects of my life.

Right now, I am going to start a price book for the stores I shop at. It is not going to be anything fancy but it will help me to see who has the best prices on things I buy.

Even if I don't end up lowering how much I spend, I at least want to know that the money I spent was well spent instead of knowing that the things I bought were dumb impulse buys. Good luck to me because I will need it.


  1. I am in thes same boat..Back in the drug store game, trying to avoid target without a list and not even looking at clearance! We gotta pull our reins in before the baby comes plus I want to be WELL stocked on food and meals well before my due date.

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I have always had something like this in the back of my mind. Let me know how it goes