Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Kids and Two Miles...

Wonder Wagon - Hastings Beach, UK
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Today I walked two miles with a fifteen pound baby strapped to my chest while pulling a wagon with about 70 lbs of children in it.

My son needed a haircut for his school pictures tomorrow so last night I tried to take him to get it cut but 99% of haircutting places are closed on Mondays. We went to Super Cuts and they had a 45 minute wait- I'm sorry but there was no way I was going to wait for 45 minutes at 4:30 in the afternoon for a Super Cuts haircut (I'm not bashing them- I have been know to get my hair cut there).

My husband was bringing back the loaner car to the dealership today and picking up our new vehicle (long story, I'm not going to get into it because it is just borderline insanity) so I was car-less. I decided that the barbershop wasn't that far away and the kids and I could haul our butts up there the eco-friendly way.

When we got home I felt like my legs were going to fall off and I was dripping sweat. What a workout, though it is one that I hope to never have to do again. I know there are people who do these things everyday but I am glad that I am not one of them. I am far too lazy and dependent on my vehicle for such silly things as walking to get errands done.

I do feel proud of myself though that I was able to accomplish the task, especially since here in Massachusetts it was 75 degrees out. But now what I feel like doing is curling up with a frozen margarita and drinking the sore muscles away (I'll have to settle for a soda because I doubt my nursing daughter would be cool with contaminated breast milk).

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