Friday, March 23, 2012

Stop Being Cheap and Buy Your Kid a Seat on the Plane....

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I am really into car seats- it's weird I guess but I want my kids to be as safe as possible when traveling. I know, I know- why should you need to worry if you are a safe driver? I'm not worried about my driving, I am worried about everyone else who is driving.

I buy the best possible car seats and install them correctly (well, I have my husband install them correctly). My almost five year old son is still in a harnessed seat and will continue to stay harnessed until he grows out of the height/weight restrictions on the seat and my daughter will as well. When I see kids in booster seats at my son's preschool I think death traps- how in the world can a booster seat protect as well as a harness (the answer is it can't). My baby will stay rear facing until she is at least two years old and she has a seat that will accommodate her up to 45 lbs rear facing if needed.

Sure, these things make life a bit of a pain but I say who cares. It is what is safest and if God forbid I am ever involved in a car accident I want to know that I did everything I could to keep my family safe even if it meant that I had to buckle and unbuckle three kids every time they got in/out of the vehicle. Having to install car seats into other cars when my kids go places with other people sucks too but I do it.

That is why I am flabbergasted that babies under two years old are not required to be in car seats on airplanes. The whole lap baby thing seems so dangerous and the only reasons parents keep their babies on their laps is because they are too cheap to buy a ticket or are ignorant of the dangers. Please go to Car Seat Blog to see why putting a baby on your lap on an airplane is completely irresponsible.

If you don't have enough money to buy every member of your family a ticket then you don't have enough money to fly. Put your children's safety ahead of your pocketbook, please.

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