Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls

I had a hankering for something sweet today so I decided to make cinnamon rolls. I would die for cinnamon rolls, I love them so much, but rarely make them because of the time involved.

I came across Money Saving Mom's recipe for Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls and thought that I would give it a try. Because my infant has a dairy allergy and I'm breastfeeding I substituted soy milk for regular milk and dairy free spread for the butter. I am weird and abhor frosting so I totally omitted that part.

The rolls came out delicious! Who knew that nasty soy milk could make something so good. As you can see from the picture I crowded the rolls to close together (I was in an epic battle to get my baby to fall asleep in her swing- I came out triumphant after twenty minutes of pacifier stuffing) so they popped up a bit so if you make these, don't do that.

Off I go to stuff my face with dairy free cinnamon rolls (yes, I will share some with the kids even though I don't want to).

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