Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whole Foods

1.68 lb Russet Potatoes $2.50 ($1.49/lb)
365 Sliced Beets $1.19
5 lb Bag Organic Red Potatoes $5.49
1.07 lb Hake (fish) $6.41 ($5.99/lb)
12.71 lb Split Chicken Breast $25.30 ($1.99/lb)
Less .10 reusable bag refund

Total: $40.79

My goals for this trip were to get the $1.99/lb split chicken breast and the $5.99/lb hake. We had the hake for dinner tonight and it was really good. My husband was really apprehensive to try it because the absolute only fish he will eat is haddock but he ended up liking it (probably because it looked just like haddock and tasted almost the same as haddock).

I am going to try and only buy my meat from Whole Foods from now on because it tastes way better and is much higher quality than the stuff that is sold at the grocery stores. To make sure that I don't go bankrupt doing that I am going to stock up when they have sales- a few weeks ago I stocked up on boneless chicken breast and this week on split chicken breast. I can't wait to see what is on sale this coming week- hopefully it's red meat because I have chicken coming out of my eyeballs.

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