Sunday, January 29, 2012


I haven't posted in awhile due to laziness and the fact that I feel like my brain is all discombobulated.

Things are getting better though. Here is a recap of my wonderful life:

-The baby has been taking a couple of naps during the day in her swing and a couple more naps in my awesome Beco baby carrier. This has allowed me to actually be able to eat my lunch before three o'clock and to clean the house a bit. She is smiling now and doing that silly baby babbling which makes me feel like she thinks I'm an awesome mom. I am still sleeping with her every night on the couch because I don't want my husband to turn into a zombie from lack of sleep, because she doesn't want to sleep alone at night and because I'm lazy and it makes breastfeeding so much easier. I am planning on transitioning her to at least sleeping in her swing at night I just don't know when because I have a feeling she won't like it.

-I decided to treat myself and buy a steam mop, so that has been my new cleaning obsession. Every day I vacuum and then steam mop the kitchen, laundry room, hallway and bathroom- I suppose my life is that boring that a steam mopped floor is a basis of excitement for me.

-My husband got a promotion at work. He turned in his work van and got a car so now on Saturdays I can drive myself to work instead of dragging the whole family out of bed to drive me. He will also be making more money which means that we can bump up our emergency fund to at least a few thousand dollars and then pay off or debt fairly quickly (that is, if my husband doesn't go buy something dumb and expensive).

-My son has no interest in learning the alphabet or writing his name so I am on a mission to help him do these things in a fun way. I have a meeting with his teacher next week to discuss his preparedness for Kindergarten which seems so silly because back when I was a kid you were prepared for Kindergarten by just hitting a certain age. Why is it that our educational system is so awful these days but way back in the day before you were expected to know how to write a novel to enter Kindergarten it was much better? I have many theories on this but I will keep them to myself for now...

-My 2 1/2 year old daughter is the biggest diva I've ever met and I am trying to break her of it. I try to ignore her whining and screaming which she does right away when she wants something instead of asking nicely. Then if that does not work she goes to her bedroom where she throws everyhing off of her bed during her tantrum. When she calms down I talk to her about why she was put in her room and then I make her pick up all of the crap she threw everywhere- sometimes this results in another tantrum but if I threaten to leave her in her room again she ususally stops crying and picks up her mess.

This is my recent life in a nutshell. How very exciting...

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  1. LOL on the baby Casey slept in between Jeff and I until he was 6 months cause it was so much easier to sleep/nurse lol.

    Use the correct water in the steam mop my shark died before a year cause I didnt!

    Good luck with K Aubrey starts next year and shes there for the academic part but not for the social! I put her in a play based preschool and they cant even do their job! Makes me so happy I pay 200 a month for NOTHING! Sorry Rant over :)