Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dairy Free Snack- Pumpkin Bread

Going dairy free hasn't been that bad, considering this is the third time I've had to do it (darn babies and their milk allergies). The only thing that is different with this baby is that I have less time to cook from scratch. What is a mom to do? Well, when the kids and I made this pumpkin bread I popped the baby in the baby carrier and she was in on the action too.

This is my favorite pumpkin bread recipe and as you can tell from the title of this post, there is no milk in it. If you wanted to get really extreme, there is even a substitution you can make for the eggs so that it is vegan.

I ended up making to smallish loaves of bread for me and a bunch on mini-muffins for the kids. This is not a healthy recipe by any stretch of the imagination due to all of the oil and sugar but it's got to be better than chocolate chip cookies right? Maybe in my lazy mom head I could even justify this as a serving of fruit/veggies...

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