Friday, January 6, 2012

77 Kids- So Jealous of My Daughter's Clothes!

Toddler Girl Shirt $7.95 (reg. $16.50)
Boy's Shirt $7.95 (reg. ($16.50)
Toddler Girl Sweater $16.95 (reg. $34.50)
Toddler Girl Cropped Cardigan $11.95 (reg. $29.50)
Toddler Girl Jeans $19.95 (reg. $24.50)
Less 30% off Clearance Discount
Less 15% coupon

Total: $38.52 with free shipping
Saved 69%

I love 77 Kids (owned by American Eagle)- their clothes are so cute! Everything I bought is for next year because it saves me tons of money by buying ahead- especially since I have expensive taste in clothing for my kids. My daughter has a couple of pairs of 77 Kids jeans right now and they look really nice on her so I had to buy her another pair for next year. I really am jealous of her wardrobe...

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