Friday, December 30, 2011

Target Trip from Tuesday...

Playtex Cup $4.39 - $2.00 Target Coupon and $2.00 MC
Nerds Bag $1.74 (reg. $2.49)
Gobstoppers Box .50 (reg. $1.00
Nerds Box .50 (reg. $1.00)
Chewy Sprees Bag $1.74 (reg. $2.49)
Reeses Candy Cane .50 (reg. $1.00)
Voortman Vanilla Wafers $2.99 (for my husband)
Plumrose Bacon $3.17
2 Lunchables @ $1.77 each (bribe for the kids)
5 lb Bag Potatoes $2.99
Cookies $1.49 (for my husband- he ended up going back and buying more)
Country Kitchen Whole Wheat Bread $2.58
1 lb Strawberries $3.79
Blueberries $4.49 (daughter begged for these and now won't eat them, grrr)
Market Pantry Milk $3.39
Minute Maid Orange Juice $2.89
Yoplait Kid's Yogurt $1.89
Dannimals Drinkable Yogurt $2.49 (bribe for kids)
2 Simply GoGurt @ $2.69 each - $1/2 MC and .75 Target Coupon
2 Cucumbers @ .70 each
3 Bananas @ .24 each
Oranges $3.99
Birthday Card $2.79
Fur Real Friends Kitty $15.00
Hot Wheels Cars $5.49
Hot Wheels Truck $7.69
Less $2.59 Red Card Savings
Less $30 in gift cards

Total: $51.09

This was my first official trip to the store with all three kids and I'm happy to report that no one was harmed or lost. Our only incident was that my daughter wanted to buy a $25 toy and was upset when I wouldn't let her because her gift card only had $15 on it (both kids got $15 gift cards from my husband's aunt so I let them each pick out what they wanted).

As you can see I bought myself a bunch of candy- I'm trying to make myself feel better because I won't be able to have any Girl Scout Cookies this year (I'm on a milk free diet due to my baby's milk allergy). I can handle not eating everything else but the Girl Scout cookie thing kind of depresses me...

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