Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shaws-Avert Your Eyes From the Junky Food...

1 lb Strawberries $4.49
5 lb Bag Potatoes $3.49
.78 lb  Bananas .54
.65 lb Tangerines .97
.52 lb Apple .88
.54 lb Shaws American Cheese $2.69
10 Knorr Sides @ $1.00 each
Rotisserie Chicken $1.99 (wyb 10 Knorr Sides)
Pepsi 1.5 Liter .99 - .99 instant savings wyb 10 Knorr Sides
Cooked Perfect Meatballs $5.00 (part of Pick 4 for $19.99)
3 Hormel Pork Loins @ $5.00 each (part of Pick 4 for $19.99)

Total: $45.23
Saved 43%

My husband really likes the Knorr Sides, as do I, so when I saw this deal I said what the heck- I'll take advantage of it. The deal is when you buy ten Knorr Sides for $1.00 each you get a Pepsi 1.5 liter for free and a rotisserie chicken for $1.99.

And yes, I did pay $4.49 for strawberries. The only fruit that my daughter will eat is strawberries so I coughed up the big bucks to buy them. I cannot wait until she grows out of this picky stage. I also bought meatballs which annoys me because I always make them from scratch but with the new baby around I don't see too much meatball making in the near future.

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