Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Epic Fail...

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Has anyone ever noticed that the more you sit around doing nothing the more lazy you get?

I am still trying to take it easy because it seems as if whenever I try to do something other than extremely light housework I start bleeding again. I thought I was doing better on Sunday so I decided to go to Target, sans the kids, the baby, and the too heavy for a woman recovering from a c-section to lift infant car seat. Well, I felt like crap when I got home from my excursion and I was bleeding again- nothing horrible but it was obviously my body telling me to sit my ass on the couch.

Today I barely sat down all day, except when I was nursing my daughter. Please someone tell me how you are supposed to sit down and take it easy with a newborn, a two year old and a four year old? I didn't do as much as I normally would have but I did get a bunch of stuff done- I did one load of laundry, put away laundry from the other day, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned the guinea pig cage. Then I made dinner which seemed to be the tipping point because after we ate I went to give the baby a bath and I started bleeding again. How fricken annoying!

Because of all of this it was decided that my father in law would continue to drive my son to pre-school for the week (talk about feeling like an incompetent mother- I can't even drive my son to school). I am very grateful for the help because I do not want to injure myself any further and end up in the hospital but at the same time getting help, even when I have no choice, really kills me. It kills me to need the help and it kills me to have people think that I need help. The only reason I am even letting myself take it easy and why I am letting others help me is because it would ultimately hurt my husband and kids if I end up hurting myself- if all of this were just going to affect me with no repercussions to anyone else then I would soldier through and push my body.

On Thursday my mom is taking the kids for the day and I have errands that need to be done so I really hope that I am more back to normal by then (yeah, Thursday as in the day after tomorrow). I figure that I will do the most important errands first so that if I do start to feel not so great then at least the most pressing issues will be handled. What really stinks is that a bunch of the things that I need to get done are ones that I could have done before I had the baby, but my constantly procrastinating self said "oh, no- I'll just do it after I have the baby". Why was it that I thought getting things done while super pregnant would be way harder than getting things done while recovering from a c-section? Epic fail on my end.

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