Thursday, November 3, 2011

Potty Training- Epic Fail Edition

Fail Road
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My plan was to have my daughter fully potty trained by the time the baby arrived and well, I have failed. I thought that I would be more upset but instead I am just saying oh well.

She knows how to go pee on the potty but just decides that it is not worth it to interrupt her play time to do it. Bribing her with M&M's and chocolate doesn't work because she could really care less about those things (my kids are not easily bribed). I told her that if she poops on the potty she will get a toy out of the toy closet and a lollipop- she never gets to have lollipops so she really loves them but guess what? She does not want to poop on the potty.

I know that I could put her in underwear and let her pee and poop all over herself and my floors but I am not up to cleaning the floor and I refuse to clean poop out of underwear. I did enough poop cleaning with my son and at this point in my life no way, no how am I doing it anymore.

At least I know that my daughter is capable of using the toilet but at this point I have realized that there is no use in forcing potty training on a two year old who doesn't feel like doing it. My kids are stubborn little monsters and if I want to keep just a shred of my sanity I need to pick my battles. As long as my daughter decides using the potty is cool enough for her to do before she starts nursery school next September, I'll be happy.

And yeah, maybe I am lowering my expectations so that I can feel like I am not totally sucking or being lazy about potty training but so what? I'm the one changing the diapers and if I want to be somewhat delusional about it then good for me. Sometimes us moms have to be a bit delusional to make it through the day (or drink copious amounts of wine).

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  1. You are right...our pediatrician told us that as long as our kids gave up their pacifiers and were potty trained by kindergarten that everything would be fine! Our older daughter actually wasn't totally potty trained until she was about 3 1/2 but I didn't worry about it.