Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Of Those Days...

Quiet Zone
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Today I got to sleep until 8 am which in this house is unbelievably late. Technically I got woken up a couple of times during the night to nurse the baby but I was half asleep while doing it so those don't count as actually waking up.

When I  woke up my four year old son was getting breakfast ready. He poured Rice Krispies into bowls for him and his little sister and got out cups and orange juice. It was very sweet of him to have wanted to help out by getting breakfast ready- now if only he could still be this helpful when he is old enough to really make breakfast.

Now that it is past lunchtime my daughter will be taking her nap and hopefully the baby will allow me to put her in the swing for her nap. My son is probably going to watch a movie and me- well maybe I'll sit down and eat some lunch (not likely) or maybe I'll attempt to get some stuff done around the house (most likely).

So far life with a newborn has been pretty easy- it's the two older kids who are driving me crazy. The major key to me not being stressed out the third time around is that I have modified my expectations on what I am able to get done during the day, as has my husband. I'm not saying that people should let their homes turn into something from an episode of hoarders, but that you need to realize not everything will get done and sometimes doing things half-assed is good enough.

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