Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Just a Dumb Hot Wheels Car...

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It really is amazing at how peaceful the house is when my son is at school. I'm not saying that all of the fighting is his fault, just that when he and his sister are not together they don't have the opportunity to make me want to lock myself in a closet until my husband gets home from work. The baby is just a non-issue in the whole equation as all she does right now is eat and sleep, though I know that will change quicker than I want and she'll be fighting with her sister.

I always knew that when I had kids that they would eventually fight with each other- in my experience most siblings fight at least some of the time. What I wasn't prepared for was the ridiculousness of what my kids fight over. Screaming and hitting each other over a red Hot Wheels car is just dumb but what really pushes my patience level over the edge is that we own dozens of red Hot Wheels cars. What is it that makes that particular car a reason to start world war three? My hypothesis on squabbles like this is that the kids enjoy pissing each other off, the kids enjoy pissing me off or they like doing both.

Everyone always tells me that someday the kids will stop all of the fighting and will be friends with each other- I believe this but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with the little boogers now. Maybe I'll just let them beat the crap out of each other so that they realize that the fighting is not pissing me off and that fighting only results in injuries to themselves- that may take the novelty out of it. Maybe, but probably not because I feel like karma is getting me back for being mean to my mom as a teenager.

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