Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to Normal Life...

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Tomorrow is the first day that I will be driving my son to school since going from a mom of two little monster children to a mom of two little monster children and a sweet (yet slightly needy) newborn. I'm not nervous or anything but I keep going over the battle plan for tomorrow morning.

  • wake up at 5 am (my husband will wake me up if I'm not already up with the aforementioned needy newborn)
  • take a shower (newborn baby- please cooperate and let me put you down for fifteen minutes so I can clean myself)
  • iron every one's clothing (I hate wrinkled clothing)
  • feed the kids breakfast and nurse the baby
  • get everyone dressed
  • brush every one's teeth
  • load everyone into the car
  • get to school before everyone else so I can get the closest parking spot (I technically shouldn't be carrying the baby's car seat this soon after the c-section but sometimes life happens- hopefully my internal organs can deal with it)
  • drag all children into school to drop my son off along with the fifty cookies I baked for a teacher's husband's National Guard Unit
  • load daughter and baby back into the car and drive home only to have to pick up my son in 2 1/2 hours
As long as I get my lazy butt up at 5 am everything will be fine. This will be my morning three days a week until summer vacation comes- I really miss the days when the kids were younger and we didn't have to be anywhere. 

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