Friday, October 14, 2011

Stupid Laundry...

Water-powered Washer
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Am I the only person who wastes tons of electricity and water because I am constantly forgetting that I have clothes in the washer?

I love the feeling I get in the morning when I happen to walk by the washing machine and see a full load of washed laundry that has been sitting since the night before. Not wanting to take a chance of having musty smelling clothing I put in more detergent and turn the washer back on making a mental note to switch it over in a somewhat timely manner.

On the same note, there have been many instances where I have opened my dryer after throwing a load of clothing into it and realized that the clothes were still soaking wet because I forgot to turn the dryer on. This usually happens over 24 hours after putting the clothes in the dryer (my turnaround time on laundry can really suck sometimes) so back into the washer they go.

I can't even blame these things on the baby turning my brain into mush as I have been forgetting about laundry for years. I really hate laundry.

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  1. I do both things often. I actually wash in warm water around 11 at night and throw in the dryer in the a.m. and they never smell..However if I wait till mid day it stinks. Ive also been known to walk downstairs and say whats that smell..Oh SHIT my laundry lol