Monday, October 31, 2011

Patience- What's That?

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Patience is something that I have been completely lacking lately, especially in these last few weeks of my pregnancy.

Between not being able to sleep well at night and just a general lack of energy it seems as if things that would not have bothered me before really get on my nerves now. My kids are a large part of my lack of patience as they are at the ages now where they fight constantly about everything and most of the time about nothing at all. A lot of the time I find myself just letting them beat the crap out of each other because I just don't want to deal with their squabbles and I feel like they need to work things out by themselves. How many times can I intervene when they fight over a toy- it does no good and then they just start fighting over another toy five minutes later. But then there are the times where my head is already throbbing and I am tired beyond belief that the wrath of mommy comes out- I yell a lot and then banish everyone to their rooms.

I know that my patience and energy level will return once I have the baby so we all just need to make through he next week and a half of me being crazy.

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