Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh, the Dilemma...

I am having a mini dilemma- nothing serious and actually to many it will seem quite silly.

I really want to get my kids each something special when the baby is born- basically presents form the baby for her new big brother and big sister. Out of the two presents I am more concerned with what I get my son as he is four and I think that he may have a harder time adjusting to the baby than his little sister. I want to get him something that makes him feel like a big kid and was thinking about getting him one of those Nintendo 3DS hand held video game thingys (which cost about $170) but I really don't want him playing video games because he is too young to become a zombie.

Today I just happened to see an ad online for the Amazon Kindle Fire and was perplexed. My son loves my husband's Ipad (though we rarely let him use it) so I know he would love a tablet of his own but an Ipad of his own is just way out of my price comfort zone. The Kindle Fire is only (and when I say only I am comparing it to how much the Ipad costs) $199 and from what I have read has a lot of features that my son would enjoy. There are a lot of free apps for kids, including painting ones which he loves and educational ones which I love. Plus, I can load books onto it for him to look at and for us to read together. It just seems way better than buying him a video game system- at least with the Kindle he would have educational games and books (and maybe I could even use it here and there to read on, though I am still a purist when it comes to reading real books). It is also something that he would have for years to come because I don't see the whole e-reader trend coming to an end anytime soon.

Who knows what I will do. Maybe this is just another one of my whims and I'll forget about it in a week or maybe it is a good gift for my son. Or maybe I'll get it for him for Christmas which seems a bit more appropriate than spending $200 for a big brother gift (I guess that is what the toy closet is for).

Disclaimer: The picture at the top of this post is my affiliate link- I do not expect anyone in their right mind to actually make a purchase, I just wanted to provide a link to the product so that everyone can come to their own conclusions if it is a dumb product or a cool product.


  1. My kids use my phone all the time..I have an iphone and they love it and actually learn a lot from the apps I put on there. They of course play angry birds too but I love that thing!

  2. I think the Kindle Fire has an Angry Birds app- my son loves playing it on my husband's Ipad (I've never played it before because I get highly addicted to games like that and I would end up neglecting my children to play).

    It really is amazing how good kids are at using technology these days- I remember when I was a kid and the computers had MS Dos on them and were huge. Talk about feeling like an old fart at the age of 28...

  3. My boyfriend and I are getting our 4 year old a tablet for Xmas. I plan on getting the Kindle Fire for myself and will get her a tablet that costs a bit less. She is very much into technology and already knows how to handle a computer so I think she will love the tablet.