Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Hate Sewing...

Measuring Tape with needle and thread
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Currently I am working on finishing the crib rail covers for the baby's crib. The front one is done and already tied onto the crib but I still have the two sides to finish.

I have already covered them with the new fabric (I am reusing the crib rail covers I made for my daughter's crib way back when) but now am on to the really sucky part- making the ties. I cut sixteen pieces of fabric tonight (eight ties on each rail cover) and of course my foggy brain contributed to me not cutting them the right width. I worked around my incompetence and the ties will just be skinnier than the ones I made for the front cover. I'm sure the baby won't mind. I started pinning the ties and hopefully will get that done tomorrow night. Then another night this week, probably after I make the kids' trick or treat baskets, I will sew (by hand because my sewing machine petrifies me) all sixteen ties. Then on yet another night I will attach said sixteen ties to the crib rail covers and will be done with this darned project I started.

Once I am done the crib will look adorable and I will only have a couple more things to finish up in the room before my baby makes her entrance into the world. Man, I hate sewing....

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