Monday, October 3, 2011

CVS- Not As Planned...

Gatorade $3.00
2 Dove Shampoo/COnditioner @ $3.00 each
Dove Soap $6.00
Dove Deodorant $3.49
Less $6.00 MC (the cashier put the amount in for my shampoo BOGO coupon for $6 instead of $3)
Less $2.99 ECB
Less $3.06 on gift card I got for 50% off 

Total: $4.77
Saved 83%

I wanted to get Starbucks drinks that were on sale for $5 (wyb $15 worth you get back $5 ECB) but they were all out so I got the Gatorade instead. Then at the register the amount I calculated in my head was off for my total but I just figured that I am brain dead and added things up wrong. When I got home I realized that the cashier entered in my Dove BOGO shampoo/conditioner coupon as $6 (the price of the soap) instead of the $3 it should have been- hence the fact that I had a way higher out of pocket than I anticipated. Isn't it funny how us couponers are the only ones who hate when cashiers make mistakes like this? Anyone else would have been happy but me- I am annoyed that things didn't work out the way I planned.

I am going to go back this week to finish out the Starbucks deal so hopefully they will be restocked.

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