Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Save Money on Textbooks!

If you ever attended college or know someone who has then you know that one large cost for students is textbooks. I fondly remember back when I attended college and the sticker shock I had when purchasing textbooks from the campus bookstore- good thing my parents were bankrolling my education because I would have probably had to sell a kidney to afford the books I needed. Once the semester was over and I went to sell my books back to the campus bookstore I went through some more sticker shock when they were only offering to buy my books back for literally pennies on the dollar.

That is why I really wished that there was a site like around back then (okay, so it was 2002 but it really does seem like forever ago). At you rent your textbooks saving up to 90% of what you would have paid at the campus bookstore and shipping is free both ways. One thing that really stood out to me was their 30 day risk free return policy- if you drop your class and no longer need the book within the 30 day period you send it back and will refund your money! This means you are not stuck with a book that you don't need and you are definitely not out the money.

The site is really easy to navigate- to find the book you need just type in the name, isbn, etc. in the search box. Once you find your book you can choose the rental time period of semester, quarter or summer session and add it to your cart. Pretty simple. After your textbooks arrive they will send you a return envelope so that when your rental term is over you can ship the books back for free. 

On top of the awesome value that offers when it comes to the textbook business they also support Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a wonderful organization that provide cleft lip surgeries to children whose parents cannot afford the procedure. Every book that gets rented brings that much closer to reaching and exceeding their goal of providing 1000 surgeries to change the lives of 1000 children. Not only are you getting a great deal on your college textbooks so that you may achieve your goals in life but you are helping children get surgeries that they need so that they may achieve goals in their lives.

As I said earlier, I really wish were around when I was in college as it would have saved me (or should I say my parents) a lot of money and frustration. Even though my kids are still very young, renting textbooks is something I am going to keep in my mind for the day that they go to college. Make sure you check out and let anyone in our life who is attending or planning to attend college know about this innovative and compassionate company.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. In exchange for an honest review, provided me with a promotional item.

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