Saturday, October 15, 2011


New Laptop
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Last week I bought the domain through my Blogger account thinking that it would be easy peazy.

It was supposed to automatically update but guess what? With all of my awesome luck that I have it did not do as it was supposed to.

A week later and many message board and blog tutorials later I am still in the same predicament I was a week ago- no custom domain for my little, insignificant blog.

I am so annoyed and am sick of trying to figure out why Google stinks. Maybe I'll take some time away from this issue and revisit it when I don't feel like strangling someone.

I really hate technology and I really, really hate paying $10 for something that suckidy, suck, sucks.


  1. I can probably help you as I used google to do mine...Email if you like

  2. I think I may have accidentally figured it out but need to fix one more thing before I can switch the domain over. What a pain!

    If I screw it up again, I will definitely email you- thank you for the offer!