Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shoplifting Mentos- You Can Never Start Too Young...

Mentos galore,  PetrĂ³polis - RJ

On Friday my husband got home from work and then got an emergency call and had to go. This messed up my plans a bit for the night because I told my son that he and I would go to Toys R Us and buy a birthday present for a party he is going to on Sunday (I do have a toy stockpile but unfortunately most of the items are for boys whereas the birthday party he is going to is for a girl).

I decided to put my brave hat on and take both kids to the toy store. I knew my son would be good but my daughter was another story- taking a two year old to a store full of toys is just a ridiculous thing to do.

We got to the store and after much walking around we found a gift and went to the check out line. When we were checking out my kids were touching everything and my patience was wearing thin. Once I had paid I realized that I forgot to pay for the Matchbox car I let my son pick out for himself- as I was paying for that I looked down and saw that my daughter had opened a pack of Mentos and was licking them. You lick it you buy it, right? Finally after paying for our purchases (included a pack of strawberry Mentos with toddler drool all over them) we trucked our butts out to the car and headed home.

Lessons learned from this trip:

-do not ever take daughter to a toy store again
-my daughter is a budding shoplifter- I need to keep a better eye on her
-strawberry Mentos are gross
-two year olds are just all around pains in the butt sometimes

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