Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cleaning Schedule Re-Boot...

(Fish) Cleaning in progress

I feel like I have been neglecting my house- more specifically neglecting cleaning my house up to my standards.

I used to have a cleaning schedule but then I got pregnant and tired and pretty much started to wing it when it came to cleaning. Now, I feel like I need to get back on the schedule wagon. Not only does having a schedule make life less stressful for me but it also keeps me accountable for what I do (and don't) get done. I am the type of person that if it's not on a list it most likely won't get done- I need to see things written out for my brain to make the connection that they need to get done. It it also a motivator to have lists because who doesn't like the moral boost when you check something off?

Here is my new cleaning schedule:

Sunday: Family Day- no major cleaning
Monday: vacuum and mop downstairs, clean kitchen
Tuesday: clean bathrooms
Wednesday: dry dust downstairs, vacuum and mop downstairs
Thursday: change sheets, dry dust upstairs, vacuum upstairs
Friday: vacuum and mop downstairs, clean dining room
Saturday: Work all day- no cleaning

Things to do everyday: make beds, laundry as needed, wipe down kitchen counters as needed
Things to do bi-weekly: clean guinea pig cage, clean dog's bowls
Things to do monthly: wash comforters/extra blankets on beds

This is a pretty basic cleaning schedule but I think it will work well for me going forward. What is great is that if I miss cleaning say the whole bathroom one week at least I know that I will get to hit what I missed the next week.

Next, I am going to make an updated list on what needs to get done before our little bundle of joy arrives in November... am I the only one who thinks time is just flying by way too fast?

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  1. I cant believe your already so close to being due! I to have been neglecting things big time. I feel exhausted all the time and just so worn out I cant even keep one room clean let alone the whole house.