Sunday, September 25, 2011

Decorating the Girls' Room- Slowly But Surely it Will Get Done

Last night and tonight I have been on overdrive to get some crafty things done for the girls' room.

This is my daughter's new lamp. My inspiration came from here, though I ended up not following the directions given and winging it. The ribbon matches the rug and the paint color (somewhat) matches my daughter's comforter set.

Here was the lamp before I updated it- pretty stinking ugly. I was going to throw it away (along with the matching one) awhile ago but I'm glad my laziness prevailed.

This is just a wood crate that I repainted to match the lamp- we've have thins thing since my son was a baby and this is the third time it has been painted. I'll put it on my daughter's dresser to hold random junk.

These are going to go above each of the girls' beds. I was going to make the letters out of buttons but buttons are expensive and I couldn't find the color I wanted. To make these I just stapled fabric onto canvases and then hot glued the painted wooden letters on. The fabric matches the curtains, my daughter's bed skirt and the crib teething rail covers (which I still need to make).

Tomorrow I am going to start to paint an unfinished bookcase that we have had forever but just never got around to painting. I'm just going to paint it white because the girls are going to get new furniture once the baby is out of a crib so I don't want to go and stain it to match what we have now. Once that is done I can finally move the pile of books off of my daughter's dresser and her room will start to look more done. 

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