Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's for Dinner...

Tonight for dinner we had roasted butterflied chicken, roasted potatoes and steamed zucchini for dinner.

Why, you may ask, would I ever contort a chicken to look like that? Well, it cooks faster and it makes it seem like I know a little something about cooking instead of just throwing a chicken into the oven.  

To butterfly a chicken is pretty easy- you flip it over so the breast side is down and then you take kitchen shears and cut out the breastbone. Once the breastbone has been removed flip the chicken back over and push down on it until it flattens out. For more detailed instructions you can go here.

I know that I said I've had an aversion to chicken since being pregnant but I thought I would try eating it tonight- eating beef for almost every meal gets a little boring. We just bought a new instant read thermometer that Cook's Illustrated recommended and I figured if I saw that the chicken was cooked all of the way then I may be able to eat it without gagging. And guess what? The chicken came out delicious and was perfectly cooked. 

Tomorrow night we will be having pasta, homemade meatballs (from the freezer- I made a big batch a few weeks ago) and homemade focaccia bread (the recipe is from Cook's Illustrated and is to die for- I'll share it tomorrow).

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