Sunday, August 7, 2011


Goldfish Crackers $2.99
5 Annie's Mac and Cheese @ $1.00 each
Log Cabin Syrup $3.38 (reg. $3.99)
2 Motts Natural Applesauce @ $1.84 each
Pepperidge Farms Whole Wheat Bread $2.69
Market Pantry Vegetable Oil $2.59
Market Pantry Raisins $2.54
1 lb Strawberries $1.79
2 Bananas .48
Large Beverage Tub $2.98 (reg. $5.99)
Sharpie 2 Pack $1.00 - $1.00 Target Coupon ***free***
2 Rose Art Glue @ .20 each
Matchbox Car $1.19 (not shown)
Cars 2 Diecast Car $3.84 - $3.84 Peelie
Less $1.49 Red Card Savings

Total: 28.49
Saved 35%

The Cars 2 car was free because when I got home from my trip from target last week I realized that the Kelloggs cereal I had bought had peelies for a free Cars 2 car when you buy three boxes of cereal. I brought my receipt back today with the coupon and got my free car- my daughter was so excited to have a Mater car and I was excited because I didn't have to pay for it.

I had a coupon for the Annie's mac and cheese but I left all of my coupons at home so $1 a box it is (I think the coupon was only for .50 so no biggie). My kids love this macaroni and cheese and won't even touch the Kraft stuff (which is good because it is full of junk and tastes like crap) so I try to buy a bunch when it goes on sale for $1.

The beverage tub is being used to hold my daughter's Littlest Pet Shop toys. My mom got a big cardboard box of them at a yard sale for a few dollars and I was sick at looking a trashy box sitting in the family room.

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