Sunday, August 7, 2011

BJ's- Stocking Up

Dole Peaches (16 cups) $7.49 - $2.00 BJ's Coupon
Vaseline Lotion 3 Pack $8.99 (20.3 oz. each) - $2.00 BJ's Coupon and $1.50 MC
Nesquick Powder $7.49 (48.7 oz.) - $2.00 BJ's Coupon and .50 MC
Bisquick Mix (80 oz.) $4.59
Carnation Instant Breakfast $7.99 (22 packets) - $1.00 MC
Wonka Mix Ups Candy (huge bag) $9.99 - $3.00 Instant Savings (treat for husband)
Berkley and Jenson Apple Juice 2 pack (96 oz. each) $5.29
90% Ground Beef $16.94 ($2.89/lb)

Total: $57.21

I think I did pretty good on this trip! The Nesquick and Wonka candy were treats for my husband but everything else was definitely needed and ended up being cheaper than what I would have paid at the grocery store or Target.

The Dole peaches (which are my daughter's new obsession so it's good they are packed in juice instead of syrup) ended up being $5.49 which is the equivalent of paying $1.37 a 4-pack.

The Vaseline Lotion ended up being $5.49 which is $1.83 a bottle for huge bottles of lotion. This is the only lotion my husband likes so it was a good deal to me.

The ground beef had no coupons but paying $2.89 a pound for 90% beef is way better than the grocery stores! BJ's also sells huge tubes of 90% ground beef for $2.39 a pound but I didn't feel like putting out $35 of my grocery budget for beef this week. I am sure my husband missed making comments about me lugging a huge tube of meat into the house...

The Nesquick ended up being about $5 for a huge container which I know is a good deal because the small packages at the grocery store are at least $2 to $3.

And as for the Carnation Instant Breakfast- I could care less how much I paid for this stuff because I would starve at breakfast time without it (somehow everyone else always gets fed and at 10 am I realize I haven't eaten a thing) but I do know that it is a better deal than elsewhere.

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