Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Day Will Suck...

My mom is taking the kids for the day because I have a doctor's appointment so I sat up late making my battle plan.

First, I will drop off the monsters and wish my mom luck. I will burn rubber out of her driveway before she has a chance to take back her offer of watching the kids all day.

I will then go to my appointment which includes the dumb blood glucose test. I have never had gestational diabetes and really doubt I have it now. I will drink the gross drink and sit for an hour all the while reading a book and staring at my watch. Once done, my day really begins.

On my agenda are the following things:
-return pants I ordered online to The Children's Place
-go to BJ's for random stuff we need
-go to Target for random food that we need plus maybe I'll sneak in some deals
-find a comforter or quilt for my daughter's new bed
-maybe hit up Joann fabrics (if I find a comforter I like) to buy fabric for bed/crib skirts, curtains and pillow covers

I will eat lunch somewhere in there (most likely something really unhealthy but really yummy)...

Then, before I know it, it will be time to pick up the kids who will most certainly be hopped up on sugar.  Once I force them into their car seats I will be subjected to snoring from my son and screaming from my daughter the whole way home all the while counting down until bedtime.

Looking back on the day I will kick myself for not just taking a nap instead of running around like a crazy person.

Not having the kids for the day is more stressful than having them all day... go figure.

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