Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mattress Shopping Bites...

Next week my kids will officially be switching rooms. My son gets the smaller bedroom and my daughter gets to larger bedroom which she will share with the baby.

Along with the moving of everything and decorating of the rooms I need to buy my daughter a twin sized mattress because we are kicking her out of the crib-turned- toddler-bed.

The last time we bought a new mattress was when my son was around two years old. We went to the furniture store that we bought most of our furniture from and after looking at all of the options we plunked down $700 for my son's mattress and the protection plan. Shopping with a toddler brings out the lazy in me, and my husband and I were in no way willing to shop around at other stores. We got what we wanted- a mattress that was good quality and a toddler who did not have a meltdown while shopping.

Now that I am looking for a mattress for my daughter I feel like my head is swimming. I would prefer to just buy one online and avoid the dreaded trip a store, having to deal with annoying sales people but there are just so many options! I want to buy the same quality mattress that we did for my son but parting with $700 now seems harder for me to do than it was over two years ago- plus, unlike two years ago I want to pay cash instead of charging it or financing it (though I can be a sucker for the 0% financing ploy).

What is really annoying is the fact that unlike before when we just went to one store, this time I would like to compare prices between stores which is nearly impossible considering that each store has different names for the mattresses they sell. And I suppose what is most annoying is most likely after all of my research I'll just end up buying the same exact mattress that we bought for my son, basically wasting my time and stressing myself out about nothing.

Am I just being a crazy pregnant lady obsessing over a mattress? Yes, yes I am... and please don't even get me started on the fact that we also need a new crib mattress.

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