Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just Get the Damn Porsche and Be Quiet...

I have been giving in a lot lately.

When my kids pitch a total fit, sometimes (maybe more than sometimes) instead of sticking to my guns I give in and give them what they want. Goldfish Crackers at the checkout at Target- sure! You want to watch the Hot Wheels movie again- hey, why not? You don't want to go to time out- you know what, how about you can skip it this time but the next time you misbehave you're definitely going (empty threats are my thing now). As far as potty training my daughter- well she doesn't feel like peeing in the potty and I don't feel like making her.

And my husband has been taking advantage of my mental laziness also. Our laptop broke and you want to buy me a mac book- ok. Best Buy has a great package deal on a new 3-D tv- just get it and stop bugging me about it. He said he was going to the Porsche dealership next- I really hope he was kidding.

I cannot wait until November when I have this baby so I can go from being mentally and physically tired to my old self where I say no and don't give in. If only my bank account can hold out until then...

Maybe in the meantime I'll change the name of my blog from "Just Call Me Cheap" to "Just Call Me Do What Ever You Want As Long As You Leave Me Alone".

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