Friday, August 19, 2011

The Aggravation Factor...

I have lost lots of money over the past six months due to what I call the aggravation factor.

What is this you may ask? Well, it is basically when something goes wrong at the store and you need to weigh how much aggravation you are willing to put up with to get it corrected.

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I have a four year old son, a two year old daughter and am about six months pregnant with a baby girl. With these factors taken into account the aggravation level that I will go through to fix a mistake at the store is at the almost zero level.

If I'm at the store and a coupon for $1 doesn't get scanned guess what? $1 is not worth the aggravation of taking my kids back in to the store to get my dollar back. If the kids are being difficult, the amount that I won't go back to have corrected goes up proportionetly to how bad they are being. Yes, I know that I should be watching the register like a hawk to make sure everything rings up correctly but it's kind of hard when I am also responsible to keep an eye on my children.

I know my blog name incorporates the word "cheap" into it but being cheap, to me, is not just about being cheap with my money. Sometimes I need to be cheap with my time and at this time in my life I need to be really, really cheap with my sanity. 

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