Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I Have Been Reading Lately...

Lately, meaning since I've gone and gotten myself pregnant (well obviously it wasn't just me- my husband had a part in it too), I have been reading a lot. Here are all of the books I have read in the past few months...

1776 by David McCullough

John Adams
John Adams by David McCullough

Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914

The Johnstown Flood
The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough

The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge

Divinity of Doubt: The God Question

You can tell for the most part that I have been on a nonfiction kick lately. I just ordered Truman by David McCullough from Amazon and have preordered Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow in paperback (it becomes available on September 27th). I love what I have read so far from David McCullough and Ron Chernow so like someone who gets stuck in their ways I plan on sticking with these authors until I've had my fill of history.

My husband keeps telling me I should buy a Kindle but to me, reading a book on an electronic device would be sacrilegious. I love to read and I love holding a real book in my hands and being able to fold the pages over to mark my place. I also love filling up my bookcase with new books that hopefully my children will want to read someday. Why must everything in this world be infiltrated by technology? As you can tell, I hate change. (Don't even get me started on schools not wanting to teach cursive writing anymore...)

Disclaimer: All links provided are affiliate links- if a purchase is made through one of them I will get a small kickback. This is not why I wrote this post though- I wrote it because I wanted to share a part of my life that I love with those of you who are crazy enough to read my blog.

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