Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stop and Shop

1 lb Strawberries and One Package Blueberries @ $3.99 BOGO
5 lb Bag Red Potatoes $3.99
1 lb Bag Baby Carrots $1.00
Squash $1.32
Apples $1.52
Plums $1.43
Dole Coleslaw Kit $1.50 - .50 MC (doubled)
Haddock $3.68 ($7.99/lb)
Haddock $4.23 ($7.99)
2 Stop and Shop Sliced Beets @ .85 each
4 Oscar Meyer Select Beef Hot Dogs @ $4.99 BOGO - (2) $1/2 MC
Eggs $1.89
8 Yoplait Yogurt @ .60 each - .50/8 MC (doubled)
Minute Maid Kid's Orange Juice $2.50 - .50 Scanner Gun Savings
Stop and Shop Hamburger Buns $1.25
Stop and Shop Hot Dog Buns $1.25
3 Bags Stop and Shop Frozen Veggies @ $1.00 each
Stop and Shop Tater Tots $2.00 (random pregnancy impulse buy)
Ellios Pizza $2.50 - $1.00 MC (another pregnancy induced purchase)
2 Hood Milk @ $3.75 each - $4.00 Milk Catalina
3 Hood Ice Cream @ $2.50 each - $1/2 MC
Less $5 Instant Savings wyb $15 in Hood Products
Less .20 in Reuseable Bag Credits

Total: $52.83
Saved 47%
Received a $3 Catalina for purchasing four Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs.

The Hood deal this week was really good- after coupons and instant savings I spent $5 for two gallons of milk and three cartons of ice cream. We go through a lot of milk so we'll use up the milk within a week.

As for the tater tots... I saw them in the freezer case and I just had to buy them. Now that I am at home I am thinking about the fact that I don't even really like tater tots. What is this baby doing to me!

The Cookie Crisp cereal is on sale this week for three for $5 and I have three .75 coupons that will double to $1.50. A great deal on a special treat for the kids (it would come to .50 for three boxes) but of course my store was all out- that is why my normally lazy butt actually got a rain check.

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