Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Wasn't Too Lazy Today...

So, I think I did pretty good today getting stuff done (and when I say pretty good I mean pretty good for me).

  • take the kids to the library? (my son is already being a little devil so this may have to wait until a day that he is good)  The kids were really good at the library so I think I may make it a bi-weekly thing.
  • make grocery list for my daughter's birthday party I am just going to cross this off the list because I am currently working on it.
  • make meatballs (some will be used for dinner on Saturday night) Done!
  • make lasagna for dinner tonight Done, it came out really good too!
  • find a chain for my wedding ring I looked but the only chain I have is a tangled mess.
  • mail letters that have been sitting on my counter for a week So done!
  • rest (I have been getting very tired in the afternoons and not resting has made me a very cranky wife and mom- just ask my poor husband)   I rested a little after dinner but not enough to equal me feeling at all refreshed
  • eat food and drink lots of water (I have not been eating enough or drinking enough water which has also resulted in me feeling cranky and run down) I did a better job at eating and drinking today and was not as cranky.
  • laundry   Nope, no laundry was done today. The great thing about laundry is that if you don't do it one day it is always waiting for you the next day.
  • clean guinea pig cage   I did not do this BUT I am one step closer because my husband brought in the guinea pig bedding from the garage. Now I just have to clean out the dirty stuff and put the new stuff in.
Along with what I accomplished on my list I also took the kids outside to eat their lunches and to play. This really sucked the energy out of me because it was really warm outside- I really don't know how I am going to be able to deal with taking the kids outside all summer. Maybe I'll put an ice bucket in the backyard to soak my feet in, who knows.

Tomorrow I feel like I am going to have a lazy day. The only things I have to do are change the sheets on all of the beds, do some laundry and clean the guinea pig cage- I don't have to worry about dinner because we get take out on Friday nights. After dinner is when the fun begins; I get to rush around and do the grocery shopping for my daughter's birthday party because lucky me works all day on Saturdays. Yeah.

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