Monday, May 23, 2011

My Creation...

So here it is- my son's birthday cake (please disregard the writing in the left bottom corner of the cake- I ran out of frosting and had to use the crappy tubed stuff last minute).

My son really wanted another Spiderman cake this year but the Wilton pan I used last year wasn't going to be enough cake for everyone at the party. That is where the sheet cake comes in.

I made two sheet cakes and the plopped Spiderman on top (one of the sheets fell in on itself when I was putting it on the board so I had to fill it in with a ton of icing- that is the part I wrote on and I did not let anyone eat it so I could hide that fact that I am dumb).

I did cheat this year and instead of making the cake from scratch I lazied out and used five boxes of Duncan Hines devils food cake mix. I made the butter cream frosting from scratch though and completely hand decorated the cake so I suppose I somewhat redeemed myself in my mind.

I wasn't outside when my husband brought the cake out but he said all of the adults thought it looked awesome. The kids went wild over it and of course when I cut it they each had a request for exactly what piece they wanted. Most importantly though, my son thought it was really cool.

I am proud that I followed through and finished the God forsaken cake and am so glad that I (hopefully) will never have to make a monstrous sized Spiderman cake again.


  1. I thought you did a spidey cake last year as well :) It looks great!

  2. I did, but my son wanted another Spiderman birthday party this year. I tried to talk him out of it but look who won on that one!