Friday, April 1, 2011

Target- Who Needs Coupons?

Today after my son's soccer practice we ran to Target because we were out of bread. Bread is something that my household cannot live without especially since my daughter is on a peanut butter and jelly kick lately (because that is her favorite meal I make sure to make it as healthy as possible- I only use whole wheat bread, the real natural peanut butter that only contains peanuts and no sugar or added oil and all fruit jelly with no sugar added).

I didn't take a picture because I forgot to charge the battery to my camera so you will have to use your imagination to envision what I purchased.

2 Large Boxes of Wheat Goldfish Crackers @ $2.50 each
Market Pantry Saltine Crackers $1.01 (wonder why I bought these...)
Dole Salad $2.00
Skippy Natural Peanut Butter $2.24 (I do not like the kid's peanut butter- I like sugar in mine!)
Salami/Provolone Cheese $4.99 (total impulse buy- I love me some salami sandwiches!)
Pepperidge Farms Whole Wheat Bread $2.99
1 lb Strawberries $2.29 (wonderful quality!)
Hood Milk $3.89
2 Hot Wheels @ $1.09 each (kids were good- I'm such a sucker sometimes)
Less Red Card Savings $1.33

Total: $25.39

I brought no coupons with me so no super deals but I got what I needed and that is all that matters in my book!

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