Saturday, April 16, 2011

OMFG- I Still Have Done Nothing to Prepare for Easter...

Easter is next weekend and as it draws near I have done nothing to prepare for it. I am tired and still feeling a bit sick so planning a menu is the last thing I want to do (as you can tell by my lack of weekly menu plans).

On most holidays that I host I turn in Martha Stewart and make everything from scratch (and I mean everything). This Easter I am going to give on my obsessive compulsive cooking disorder and buy stuff. I am even going to splurge on a good ham that only requires minimal reheating on my part. This will end up costing me around $6 a pound or more but the peace of mind knowing that it will taste good is worth the extra cost (my sanity is worth something, isn't it?). I am going to buy the rolls too, even though I love making homemade bread. One thing I do really want to make though is homemade sugar cookies because my son has so much fun baking them with me and pouring the sugar sprinkles on them.

As far as the baskets go, I still have to look through my toy closet to see what I have for the other kids coming over (my kids are pretty much set). I know I have baskets that I bought last year on clearance and a few things to put in them but I know I will need some more doodads to add and will need to check out the drugstores for deals on candy.

Once I make it through Easter my son's 4th birthday is the following month and then my daughter's 2nd birthday is the month after that. Then maybe a bit of a break... maybe.


  1. You sound like me...It just dawned on me night before last that Easter was a week away and I am so ill prepared. And I also have a 1st birthday coming up quickly after, my bday, mothers day, 2 more bdays mid June. Yikes! Take a deep breath, it will all be over soon right? Try and enjoy a little bit of the festivities.

  2. You sound like me Easter 2009..I was due to have Casey October 2009 so I was just at the end of my pukey phase...Making a big holiday easter breakfast that morning was on plan..It had been about 2-3 weeks since I last got sick so I thought all was good..NOPE got sick with ALL my family here lol..I took it as a sign no more easter for me