Monday, April 4, 2011

Now Where Did I Put Those Silly Coupons...

What angels- that is until they start pummelling each other over a toy that no one wanted until the other one started playing with it.

It is no secret that being pregnant and still in my first trimester I have been very tired. My little energy has been going towards takings care of the kids and trying to keep the house from turning in to a total shite hole. I'm not complaining because tired means that I'm still pregnant and that the baby is still growing and sucking away all of my energy. It has also been nice because deal hunting has been really low on my radar and when I say low I mean nowhere. It feels so freeing to worry about deals and deal scenarios and coupons. I have even gone to Target without coupons- crazy, I know.

This week I really need to go to Rite Aid though because I have some expiring +Up Rewards. Now, please don't ask me where they are or what their value is because I have no idea so I guess the first part of my battle is finding them in the mess of coupon stuff that I have accumulated in the past month. I should also try to find my CVS Extra Care Bucks because those may be expiring too. Now to just get the motivation to go on a drug store rewards search and rescue mission.

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