Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Will Be Here Before I Know It...

Easter is less than three weeks away and we are having it at our house this year so that is less than three weeks for me to prepare for it. This may seem like ample time but being that I am constantly tired and sporadically nauseous throughout the day it really isn't that much time.

I am really going to have to sit down and make a menu and list of all of the ingredients I will need so I can start picking stuff up during my regular grocery shopping because I don't want to have a last minute mad dash to the store. I also have to see what I have in the toy closet for my kids' Easter gifts and see what I have to make baskets for the other kids coming to our house. As far as Easter outfits go I'm all set thanks to the Gap and Old Navy Give and Get 30% off coupon from awhile back.

So after all of this talking I really need to start doing...

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