Thursday, March 24, 2011

Um, That's Not Peanut Butter...

Here is a snippet of my morning:

My son yelled into the kitchen that his sister got his bike dirty (he has a balance bike that we let him ride in the house). I asked him what she got on it because I knew she didn't have any food in the family room. He replied that she got peanut butter on it which made my mind race because I was positive I cleaned up all of their breakfast (they had peanut butter and jelly wheat waffles). I went in the family room, looked at the seat of his bike, smelled the seat of his bike and realized it was not peanut butter- it was poop.

I grabbed my daughter's hand and saw that she put her hand in her diaper (I just want to say that she had no pants on because I had just changed a poopy diaper and had not gotten her clothes for the day yet). I just sat there staring at my dear sweet daughter while she was laughing and thinking about what the contamination level of the family room was.

After washing her hands, changing her diaper for the second time in thirty minutes ad having a deep conversation with her about when she has poop on her hands she needs to tell mommy I went on full blown poop detection mode. Thank God for Clorox Wipes! I knew she was playing with the Duplo Legos so I threw all of those into the tub with some bleach to try and kill off any fecal matter germs.

It's not a glamorous life but I keep telling myself when my kids grow up to be well adjusted adults who contribute to society that all of the poop sniffing will have been worth it.

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