Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kid Free Shopping

My mom had the kids from 10 am to 3:30 pm today because I had a dentist's appointment and the kids wanted to have a "Mimi Day". That may seem like a lot of time but it really isn't- I went to BJ's and CVS after I dropped off the kids, went to my appointment at 12:30, ate lunch, ran to Rite Aid and then picked up the kids. My mom lives about 30 minutes from me and my dentist's office is in my town so I had to drive back for my appointment and then back to my mom's. Holy driving Batman!


2 Boxes Rice Krispies (2 bags in each) @ $6.59 each - $4/2 BJ's coupon and $1/2 MC
BJ's Apple Juice $4.99 (I've been on an apple juice kick lately- much better than soda)
Finish Tabs 80 Count $11.99 - $3.50 BJ's coupon
2 Honey Buns @ $2.59 each (for husband so he won't buy donuts)
Pedigree 24 Pack Dog Food $15.99
Satin Care Shave Gel 3 Pack $5.99 - $1.00 MC (not pictured)
3 lb Bag Reduced Bananas .89 (will use for baking)
2 Bags Purina One Beyond Dog Food (3.5 lbs each) @ $5.99 each - (2) $2 instant rebate and (2) $3.00 MC

Total: $52.65

My family eats a lot of Rice Krispies. I tried buying healthy rice cereal but my son can tell the difference and my husband would not touch it with a ten foot pose. My daughter was tricked for awhile but she too, at the tender age of 21 months, has caught on the my shenanigans. Today I paid more than I would have liked to for cereal but at least I have enough to last a bit and I don't have to stress about trying to find a good deal.


Band Aids $4.89 - $4.89 MC (up to $5 off)
Neosporin $6.49 - $5.00 MC
Crest $3.49 - $1.00 MC
Less $3 ECB

Total: .98 which was put on a gift card I received from taking surveys
New Total: $0
Saved 100%
Received $8 ECB ($5 Band Aid/Neosporin and $3 Crest)

This transaction was so messed up due to the fact that the store I went to had the tags on the wrong toothpaste which looked almost exactly like the right toothpaste. The cashier ended up giving my $3 ECB but then I went back in again because she owed me the difference between the wrong and right toothpaste which was about $1.50. I usually don't make a stink about things like this but when I told her that my ECB didn't print she was a little rude when she was trying to figure out how to print them and blamed my coupons for the fact that she didn't know how to do her job. You should have seen her face when I went back in to get the money I was owed- she tried telling me that I told her I wanted to full price product when I specifically told her I wanted the product that was on sale. Whenever something has wrung up incorrectly or I have bought the wrong item it was never such an issue to get it corrected. And as someone who worked in retail I never huffed or puffed at any customers ever so I find it unacceptable for someone to be even slightly rude to customers. Rant over- on to Rite Aid...

Rite Aid

3 Dixie Products @ $1.97 each - $5/3 Video Values coupon
Little Fevers $3.99
Cadbury Egg .50
Less $5 +Up Rewards

Total: .40
Saved 96%

Rite Aid was wiped out of all of the freebies but how could I turn down .30 a package plates? We really don;t even use paper plates all that much but they are great to have on hand for cookouts and birthday parties during the summer. The Little Fevers was something we really needed- I ran out of fever reducer a long time ago and figured that having some on hand is a way better idea than having to run out in the middle of the night to get some.

I am shopped out.

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