Thursday, March 31, 2011

And So It Starts...

Ever since I became pregnant with my now almost four year old son my husband could not wait to buy him a dirt bike. My husband loves dirt bikes and rode them as a child so of course any child of ours would be thrust into the world of dirt bike riding.

The day came way sooner than I thought because last night my son rode his dirt bike for the first time. How happy was my husband when he discovered dirt bike training wheels.

It really was so cute seeing my son ride around the house like a little motocross rider and my husband running (and huffing and puffing) next to him. Tyler did really good and just needs to get down using the brake really well.

Not to be left behind, my daughter hopped on her Barbie four wheeler and rode around the house too. Granted, it was way slower than a dirt bike but she didn't seem to mind. I can already tell that my little princess is going to want to ride dirt bikes too. I guess she'll be a tom boy like her mommy which is fine as long as she continues to let me dress her cute!

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  1. my husband also loves dirt bikes. and when my son was 2 yes 2 he got his first dirt bike, same yamaha that it looks like your son has. Ours had cute training wheels on the back and i thought it was way to early but ever since we found out he was a boy that dirt bike was in the garage. congrats on the new baby and your daughter looks like she loves her pink fourwheeler. have fun with the new dirt bike adventure. our son is now 9 and of course on a bigger bike now but i do miss the small training wheel days when all wheels stayed on the ground!! So charish those days because it wont be long beofre he is jumping over those jumps looking at his mom who is looking scared!! Have fun!!