Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why Must My Kids Be So Picky?

I was still sick as a dog today but after being  completely lazy all morning I felt I needed to do something that made me feel somewhat productive. I decided to make homemade and somewhat healthy pop tarts.

To tell you the truth this was a recipe I wasn't too sure about in regards to how my kids would like it. That is why I halved the recipe. It really didn't take long to make them and they smelled delicious when they were in the oven. For the filling I used Polander all fruit jelly- my kids love it and it is made of just fruit with no sugar or other junk. I didn't try these because I hate jelly with a passion but the crust was really good and flaky which was surprising considering I used all whole wheat flour.

I gave one to my daughter and she would not eat it. I was so annoyed because all of the sudden she is not eating things that she used to love to eat and she is way against trying anything remotely different. I still continue to give her different types of food because I know someday she will give in and eat like a normal human. My son tried it and spit it out and then said "nice try cooking mommy". His issue is he does not like things that are crusty. I don't know why because ever since he started eating solid food I have never cut the crusts off of his food but now he has decided that crusts are yucky and anything remotely crusty is super yucky.

So, I think this is a wonderful recipe- my kids just have issues right now which are really annoying the ever living crap out of me. Maybe I will make them again and try half regular flour and half wheat flour and maybe I will try different fillings. What I do know is that just because my kids want to be picky doesn't mean that I am going to give in and feed them junky food- I will not give up without a fight!

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  1. they look adorable! I will have to try this recipe!!!