Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shaws- My After Dinner, Kid Free Trip

2.21 lb Pork Chops $5.06 - $2.00 Meat Markdown
Shaws Natural Applesauce $1.49
Snikiddy Puffs $1.49 (reg. $2.99) - .75 MC (doubled) ***free***
2 Orville Red. Popcorn @ $2.99 BOGO - $1.00 MC
(2) 2 Liters Soda @ $1.00 each - $2.50 coupon wyb 2 Orville Red.
10 Del Monte Canned Tomatoes @ .79 each
2 Wishbone Dressing @ $2.00 each - .75/2 MC (doubled)
4 French's Spicy Mustard @ $1.00 each - (4) $1.00 MC ***free***
2 Cold Stone Creamery Hot Chocolate @ $2.39 each - (2) $1.00 MC
Lean Pocket $2.99 - $2.99 Free Catalina ***free***
Hood Milk $3.89 - $4.50 free milk Catalina ***free***
Vanity Fair Napkins $2.00 - .55 MC (doubled)
Kleenex .99 - $2.00 Catalina ***$1.01 overage***
Less $10 Catalina earned earlier this week

Total: $8.59
Saved 88%

This trip was made so I could do the buy $20 get $10 Catalina deal one more time. I really wanted to stock up on canned tomatoes because I love cooking with them and they are a healthy staple to have in my pantry. The salad dressing will be used a lot this summer because one of our favorite meals is grilled Italian dressing chicken (right now our grill is covered with about three feet of snow). The free spicy mustard will be great for cookouts but I also love to use it throughout the year when I splurge and buy sandwich meat.

I really, really love Cold Stone Creamery hot chocolate and wanted to stock up on it. I bought a nice travel mug last week at Target so along with my Cold Stone Creamery hot chocolate I will save myself form buying a Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate every Saturday when I go to work.

I really love going to the stores sans kids. Even better was when I got home my husband had cleaned up dinner (he even hand washed the pans) and cleaned up the kids' toys. Coming home with awesome deals to a clean house is just wonderful. What would have been more wonderful is if I had a glass of wine as big as my head waiting for me to bury my head in.


  1. wow I wish I knew that popcorn was included I got the reg fatty stuff

  2. I use canned tomatoes alot when I cook too. :)
    You had an excellent shopping trip!