Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rite Aid- Converting Rewards into Cash

Oscillococcinum $8.99 - $2.00 MC
Children's Coldcalm $6.99
Children's Chestal $4.99 - $1.00 MC
Clean and Clear Sheets $5.99 - $2.00 MC
Duracell $5.99 - $1.00 MC and $1.00 Rite Aid Peelie
Less $1.00 Wellness coupon
Less $24 +Up Rewards

Total: .95
Saved 97%
Received $1 +Up Reward for purchasing Duracell
Will Submit for $18.99 in Single Check Rebates as follows:
$8.00 Oscillococcinum
Coldcalm $6.99
Chestal $4.00

I still have a bunch of +Up Rewards left so I am good to go to get more deals with minimal out of pocket costs.

I have about $85 towards the Buy and Save promo with only spending $4.52 out of pocket (that out of pocket has also gotten me over $50 in +Up Rewards). Maybe I'll finish it out this week if I feel like going to store again but if not I'm sure there will be some great deals next week too.

I also just want to say that the only reason I am buying all of the weirdo cold medicine is because it is free and I can donate it. In my house we use good old fashioned honey to ease sore throats and coughs- it is natural and works way better than any of the homeopathic stuff you can buy.

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