Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Target- Paid to Buy Cat Food

Boy's Slippers $9.08 (reg. $12.99)
Kashi TLC Cereal Bars $2.65 - $3.00 MC (from Recycle Bank) ***.35 overage***
8 lb Bag Guinea Pig Food $10.39
3 Good Life Wet Cat Food @ .77 each - (3) $1.50 MC ***$2.19 overage***
Less 5% Red Card Savings

Total: $16.56
Saved 43%

The slippers are going to be returned because they are too small for my son so my new total will be $7.48 with a savings of 49%.

We really, really needed guinea pig food and I was very surprised that it was a pretty good price at Target. It was an even better price after the overage from the cat food and Kashi bars!

I went to the Target on the "other side of town- and what a difference from the one I normally go to. The bad Target is smaller and has way less stuff. Their Christmas stuff was long gone and there were barely any clearance toys. It is also a much older store and well- it is just an all around crap hole. My cashier was very nice though- she was an older woman and didn't huff at my coupons and was just very pleasant all around.

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