Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan

Main Dish: Taco Salad (baked tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef with taco seasoning and shredded cheese mixed together in a big bowl- yum!)
Side Dish: Brown Rice (I ate it, my husband does not like brown rice and my kids stared at it on their plates- maybe the kids will eat it if I serve it to them enough).

Main Dish: Pan Cooked Chicken (brined whole chicken butterfly cut with potatoes, sage, onions and garlic- full recipe coming tomorrow)
Side Dishes: Beets in Vinegar (my husband's favorite), Corn and String Beans

Main Dish: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce and Homemade Meatballs
Side Dish: Steamed Broccoli and Homemade Breadsticks

Main Dish: Shredded Chicken and Homemade Gravy (using homemade chicken stock)
Side Dishes: Homemade Rolls, Corn and Spinach

Take Out! Yeah!

Working until 6 so my daughter will eat before I get home and my husband, son and I will have something really simple, like pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese.

Main Dish: Panko Crusted Chicken Breasts
Side Dishes: Baked Potatoes and Mixed Veggies

I feel like I have been so lazy lately when it comes to cooking dinner so this week I wanted to try some new stuff. I have never made taco salad before and it came out really good- we will definitely make it in the future. We actually may stop making regular tacos and just make taco salad from now on!

I am excited to try the pan cooked chicken- I found the recipe in a magazine insert in the Sunday newspaper. I'll write more about it tomorrow.

As far as my kids go (19 months and 3 1/2) we give them what we are eating. We expect the 3 1/2 year old to try one bite of everything and we also give him yogurt and fruit along with his meal. The 19 month old gets the food we are eating on her high chair tray but we don't really expect her to eat it- I figure if she is exposed to different foods enough and sees us eating different foods then someday she will be open to eating them too. When she does try something, even if she spits it out, I praise her. Along with what we are eating she gets fruit, yogurt, wheat bread, etc.

I am participating in I'm An Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

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